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6 Number 1 2009

Interested in publishing in Ergometrika?

Ergometrika welcomes your reports of research and application involving a variety of work measurement activities.  All articles will be peer-reviewed by members of our editorial board and/or ad hoc reviewers who are appointed by the editors based on their content expertise.  We are interested in theoretical, empirical, practical, and methodological articles concerning work measurement.  Because we have no page limitations, we can publish your monograph or technical report.

Topics suitable for the journal are listed below:
job automation & computerization task analysis job analysis
job design training needs determination job evaluation
test development & validation training program evaluation occupational analysis
job-related instrument development job related evaluation research job performance models
job simulation utility analysis performance ratings

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Volume 4 Number 1 2007
Volume 3 Number 1 2004-2006
Volume 2 Number 1 2001-2003
Volume 1 Number 1 2000


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